We are extremely proud of our Sir Dark Knight Films Crest, derived from our founder's 'Haynes' family Crest. This Ancient Coat Of Arms is the symbol of courage, dogged determination, honor, dignity, courtesy, nobleness  which dates back to the 6th Century, well before King Arthur and the Round Table and King Herald's Battle Of Britain in 1066. 


The Sir Dark Knight Films Crest has been adapted to include an element taken from the flag of Caribbean island Barbados, as a symbol of respect from where our patron's parent's journey began. The shaft of the 'Trident' is poised, yet broken, symbolising Barbados' break away from Britain 50 years ago, on 'Independence Day' way back on November 30th, Saint Andrews Day, 1966 . It was added by our founder to include the latest Anglo-Bajan contingency in 2006. The SDK Film's Coat Of Arms represents our creativity, our strength of mind and resolve. It is the very ethos of Sir Dark Knight Entertainment Group, striving to entertain, develop and encouraging the highest chivalric ideals, for a modern forward thinking group. 


Sir Dark Knight Films Producer Robby HaynesWith over 20 years experience in the Music and Film making industries, our Founder and Executive Producer is relentless in his quest to bring affordable, professional media expression to real innovators, media, marketing companies and broadcasters, whilst encouraging, assisting artists and actors either enhancing or starting out in their careers, helping to improve their careers online and increasing their public presence.

Director and Producers Chairs on Location

 "I want our services to be available to everyone, by keeping our production costs to an absolute minimum. All creatives with the passion, drive & determination to succeed, should have facilities like ours readily available, to realise their creative dreams"

Fighting Talk The Movie - A Line From The SoundtrackOur feature film productions, showreels, short films, commercials, corporate events and services are available to everyone upon request. 


Jab Tak Hai Jaan - Katrina Kaif & Robby Haynes Abbey Road RTA

Robby has persisted tirelessly within the music, TV & film industries to gain a wealth of experience in almost every aspect. He has appeared in worldwide tv commercials such as 'ESPN The gift' 'Discovery Channels Dog Whisperer' Bollywoods Jab Tak Hai Jaan' and worked as a film extra, musician, walk on supporting artiste, runner, even in scenery construction. He completely immersed himself in several blockbuster movies like Aladdin 2019, Spiderman, Paddington 2, SKYFALLSilver slides toward the platform and Muppets Most Wanted to simply understand 1st hand the enormous complexities of film making as well as TV series' like R U Talented,  The Club and TOWIE, from Production Manager, Assistant Director, Director, Writer and Producer on several others

This difficult, brave, yet rewarding approach has provided us with an eclectic range of practical hands on, useful experiences, friendships and has given us a fairly comprehensive, 360 degrees in depth industry overview.

Robby Haynes - Screenwriter | Director | Producer Robby imparts his wisdom freely, from a particularly humble, grounded perspective,  endearing himself to our clients, artists & crew alike. His heritage, background and insight is astonishing! He can often sense what your needs may be, possibly before you have fully realised them. 

 ' The Difference Between Trying and Triumph Is The UMPH! '

That's Fighting Talk!


Martial artist & business entrepreneur Matt Fiddes, acting in his debut role as Carson Baker is an advocate of close family values which is at the heart of Fighting Talk's narrative. He has recently saved his son's life through CPR, petitioned the government, pushing to include it & self-defence in our schools curriculum. Michael Jacksons pal & bodyguard stars alongside close family friend Mark Lester in this action, comedy, thriller written by Robby Haynes. 

Filming continued with the 'Dex Party' scenes shot at a swanky bachelor apartment in Chigwell village last Sunday. This location doubles as a top central London hotel where drafted in American cop, Dexter Hunter aka Bevan Viljoen resides.


The cast, crew & passers by were treated to the powerful roar of a silver Mercedes McLaren SLR with gull-wing doors, as the character Matt Talk drives into the concierge drop off point. The party, club & gang scenes continued in London & Coventry. Director Robby say's:

"It's important the viewers enjoy the social awkwardness of the lead character"

Fighting Talk is now due to complete production this Spring when VIP seats & tickets will be made available for the exclusive London premiere & Film Festivals. Please like our Facebook page: Fighting Talk The Movie & Twitter @ReelSDarkKnight @SDKProductons #fightingTalk